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Jewelry Trends You'll Want to Wear

I love jewelry and I have always loved exploring and making lists of new trends, trying to find a way to adapt them to my own personal style. Every new trend does not necessarily suit everyone. Trends come and go and you would not want to invest in a piece of jewelry that will be "out of fashion" very quickly. I think the key is to try some popular jewelry styles first and then, if you like any of them, mix it with your own personal style. Below you will find a list of current jewelry trends that I consider a "safe" choice to try and that will last. Add your own touch and make your piece classic and timeless.

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How to take care of your silver jewelry

Silver jewelry is a favorite accessory of all women. But if we do not take care of them properly, they can show dull spots or discoloration, in the long run. Silver reacts with its environment and the various chemicals it comes in contact with and this is normal. It does not always mean that the silver is not of good quality.To be sure that your silver jewelry will always look new, let learn some ways to care for them.

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What you will find in our store

At Tesoro, in addition to the wide variety of unique silver and gold jewelry and watches, you will find silver and ceramic items of decoration, exceptional aesthetics, gifts for newborns, but also for every taste.

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